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18 thoughts on “Q&A”

    1. Chance and support, also faith. You remind me the first time when I wanted to be a president. At that time, I just think that being president is a super cool thing. Time flies! I ever stopped from being active in the past 2 years at BLIA YAD. I thought it was already enough for me to be in this organization.

      One day, some friends support me to come back. I saw a good chance at that time. When I have the support and chance, the faith comes by itself. And, I trust my feeling and instinct to keep going.

      So, when people ask me, ‘Am I ready to be president?”. I said, “No. I haven’t prepared this before. I have being vacuum actually. I just have faith that I will not make people disappointed.”


    1. Mostly, when I can’t get it, I let it go. But, I believe, if that thing will be mine, it will come back one day. Though I don’t know when, if I keep on believing, one day it will come true. I don’t want to take it as burden in my feeling. As long as, I have done my best, let’s see the result then.

      I will always try to get it as long as I really believe that one day, I can prove that this thing is possible and worth to try (:


    1. Hi! Just try to create a solid teamwork between committee, member, and all youths who want to contribute and share in YAD.

      So, I try to provide more chances for them to work as team with me and committees.

      Do you have any idea/suggestion for this year? (:


      1. Thanks for the reply ,

        Most of my friend consider of IDday, last year we are going to have it . But because of the eruption of Sinabung it was canceled. So they are wondering for this year to have it.


        1. Aaa~ Independence Day! One of my favorite events in 2008 which made me interested about YAD.

          Actually there are so many considerations when we have known the internal condition. Yes, one of those was about the mountain. So sad actually 😦

          But, if you and your friends have a same vision to have Independence Day this year, you guys can suggest your team to organize it. I will give my best support!

          You remind me, 7 years ago when a group of YAD members (included me) organized an event, called YAD Holiday at Lubuk Pakam. Tell me if you are interested and feel free to ask if you need suggestion & solution about how to organize Independence Day (:


          1. I had always like to watch in Youtube activity in BliaYad i had always think that maybe someday i can participate in those memorial activity . And i believe so goes to this period with Tz and all of committee will create an awesome event .


    1. Well. Depends. If it is a positive emotion, I will keep holding it. How I know whether it’s positive is from my point of view about the reaction from that people. If it is not people, the reaction will be from my close friends and family.

      But, if it is a negative emotion, like anger or disappointment, mostly I keep it just for myself. Don’t know why, maybe I just want to keep being strong and let the time heals (:

      How about you, Someone?


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