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I don’t have any expectation when I took this responsibility. I said to the Venerable,

“I am not thinking about how creative the BLIA YAD will organize an event or how many members that youth will join in BLIA YAD. But, it is about how I can create the balance of my life. Yah, it is not only about organization, but I also have career, family, relationship, passion, and other aspects of life that as son I need to concern about. So, I will just go with the flow and keep trying my best. I will not proud if I am just success in organization, but the other aspects of my life are not well organized. Just make it balance. I will try!”

That’s what I said. The moment when the Venerable asked me, “David, how you see BLIA YAD in the future?”. I don’t know why I am not feeling so passionate after having this chance as the President. There is no election, and I am just offering myself to take this position with the support from my best friends. Actually it’s not because I am not happy but I just want to let it flow without any higher expectation that will give me a lot of burdens in the future.

Now, I have passed 6 months from 36 months. I am just feeling grateful with every good fates that have been involved all this time. Having committees & ambassadors (volunteers) with all their own strengths and weaknesses has been my valuable learning as a leader. So many positive feedback that I get from them. I can conclude that it is because they really “enjoy” what they do in BLIA YAD.

As long as we enjoy every situations with joyful heart, I believe that cultivating inner heart will be the source of happiness in going through this responsibility. We don’t need to push ourselves too hard in organization because there are a lot of people in organization that can help each other to lighten the tasks from hard to easy. Do it in team, ask for help, and support each other (:


Feel free to give your feedback (:

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