Auspicious Gala Dinner & Wishing Candle 2017 BLIA YAD Indonesia

Auspicious Gala Dinner BLIA YAD Cultivate Inner HeartBLIA YAD Wishing Candle 2017 BLIA YAD Indonesia Merry Riana.jpg

Auspicious Gala Dinner (7th April 2017) and Wishing Candle (23th April 2017). Finally, we did it guys! Passing 2 big events in a same month is just a challenging experience. At first, I can’t imagine in my first 4 months of being President with new committees plus new environment, we have to prepare those events in a row. It’s just out of my expectation that behind this achievement, there are almost 70 volunteers who have given their best support. They spend their time and effort to be in a same team for giving their best to all participants.

Sometimes I feel that how I can give a better chance to all committees and volunteers for developing themselves through the vision “Cultivate Inner Heart”. Sometimes it is totally out of my limitation to know what they have felt all this time in my length of service as President who have to think a lot for further plan, but I don’t have much time to concern one by one. I have to work with system and schedule so that we can bring us closer to our target. But, I’m sure that every feedback will be my references to create a better system.

BLIA YAD Wishing Candle 2017 BLIA YAD Indonesia

In this chance, through this blog, I am very opened with all criticism and suggestions (also ideas) from your point of view as committees, volunteers, or maybe participants, who have been together with BLIA YAD Indonesia all this time.  I am sure the key of success in organization is an honest and sincere communication through each other. Hope for your feedback! Thank you, guys (:



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