LOVE and about LOVE


“Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give myself” (Walt Whitman)

Before you read, I just want to make sure… hmm, ok, I admit, it has been 18 years (since I was born) I haven’t had any real experiences of what “Korean drama cutie love” is [TT_TT]. Now, I think my heart is a little bit hurting. But, at the present, I am writing about LOVE. It is understandable that you might doubt me, so you would want to continue reading for clarifying the given information, or you should be curious a bit, right?. So, just read (: .

But again, before you read, don’t be so rush, sit down and fully in a relax position, like me right now, sitting on my bed, eating Vietnamese cookie and drinking a cup of coffee, because I need to stay up late for studying for re-exam this week (don’t say it, I knew I failed!). Just read slowly and gently this article and try to relate it to some of your memories while you read, ok? Turn on this music while your are reading, please *blink blink* (Novels or La vie en rose)

What exactly is Love? Love, whenever I mention it, OMG, it is a whole new open window with full of sunlight enters and blends my room and my eyes with warm delighted yellow color. Because, for me, love is funniest fun, is happiest happiness, is most joyful joy and is the most beautiful beauty. On the other hand, why all I see in your replies that love is sadness, depression, regrets and embarrass. Isn’t it? Sometimes someone tell me don’t believe in love. Why?



I might be an innocent girl with pinky eyesight of the world around me. But none of a thing that I do is lack of love. I love my smelly breathe in the morning when I wake up, I love when I brush my hair also pray that it will be longer so I can make a braid, I love when me and my friends run to school every morning because we always late, I even love the sky when it is raining heavily and i have to sacrifice my shoes to go back to my dorm,… none of the song I’ve listened isn’t about love, none of the lesson I’ve learnt isn’t about love, none of the people I’ve met isn’t because of love. Because, my friends, life is full of love, love everywhere, everytime, everyone.

Phan Viet – she is a Vietnamese professor, a lecterer at an American University, author of best-seller book in Vietnam and also a respectful venerable of Vietnam – ever wrote in her book some of the word like this (temporary translation):

“I want to keep my belief (or illusion) in my heart, at the present, someone is thinking about me, like I am thinking about you but I never say it directly to you. I want to believe that between the people who never really “acknowledge” about each other will receive love which doesn’t depends on any promises and limitations. I want to believe in “yuan” without “fen” (yuanfen or fate) that we build it by our love. I want to believe in the seed that we plant, can be slow, but definitely will grow. Like after a long winter, the spring will come; I hope that all my friends – everyone, wherever you are right now on this earth, always keep the feelings of spring in your young and wild heart – the period when everything is simple, at the morning of a random day you can wake up and say goodbye without regret, can go far away without hesitation, or look at white snow from the sky, smile then take a deep breathe and exhale so gentle, let the air steam in space”

Haizzz… so beautiful, isn’t it? All the feelings, all the crazy moments,… I think I have a bit messy thoughts over here. Yah, true, my head is flying whenever I mention about love, excuse me (: .


But, you know what is the most beautiful creature on this planet, this universe, I just can say a word, that is “YOU”. So to be honest, love yourself. Ok, no judgement here, I am going to explain it by this video “No arms no leds no wories

Now you’ve heard him said – Nick Vujicic:

“You usually concentrate on the things you wish you could have, and the things you should have had, but not the things that you have right now”

“I don’t need hands to hold her heart”

“I love life”

“Girls you are beautiful, you are gorgeous just the way you are and boys you are MEN”

(Just wanna share with the girls, Michelle Obama – Press Obama’s wife ever said to her daughter: “If I have thoughts about who would like me, and who thought I was cute, I wouldn’t be the wife of the president of the United State”, so just believe in who you are, don’t obsess of being cuter, because you are already be (: )


So why don’t you start to love yourself right now? Have a healthy lifestyle, do the things you want, dream the dreams you want, live your life a bit more.

Okay, at this stage, you must be more ‘selfish’ a bit, love yourself harder. Do you know who I love the most? Myself. Just to be clear, I really can not stand with the feelings when I saw my mom is working hard for me, it makes me feel shame, stupid and embarrass. Because I love myself so much that I want to release from this uncomfortable feelings, I will focus on study to make my mom happy and I will also feel happy. Or when I see an underprivileged people, I just feel so uncomfortable to ignore them, so because I love myself so much, that I will help them, will talk with them,etc., until I feel everything is fine. So like, I directly founded (with friends) an organization named “Light Up The Dream”, our organization supports the street children who are labouring on the street such as sell gum, lottery, shine shoes, etc., have a chance to go to school, just because of we love ourselves so much that we want to release from our anxiety, haha. Go back to the quote that I wrote at the beginning of the article (: .

To understand about what I am saying up there, I think I am confusing myself and also you guys right? Please watch the movie “Life is beautiful” – a magnificent movie from France, watch it right away, directly now, if you haven’t watched it. I cried so hard because of it.

After watch it, everything is so simple, isn’t it? Life is beautiful, we are beautiful. Now, are you believe me? If you don’t believe me…………… it’s okay, what can I do now? (:

What do you need to fulfil your love? Courage/Brave, Patience and Just say it whenever you need to say, especially to your family (also your crush, highly recommendation (: ).


Love and this is all about love. This is about me and you and the world. We were born by love. We deserve love. And we have the duty to love, also.

This is so long right now…I think that *Mr.President David* will complain about my writing, so I might want to stop here. But, because I love all of you, who ever came across my “pathetic loving story” here, if you have anything to say, can be anything, your scare, your love, your naughty brother/sister, or even you’re so kind to invite me for coffee time, maybe ice cream is better, just do it ok? I am serious guys, tell me stories if you want to, ok?

I am looking forward to meet you. Just call me maybe.

Daisy the flower – Lê Thục Minh Châu.


Feel free to give your feedback (:

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