Organization Structure 2017/2020

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First thing when I saw this structure is how to make all of them as a family. I haven’t work as a team with them before. Most of them, like Fiona, Dicky, Winnie, Widya, Ricardo, Vincent, Emily, Wilbert, Starwin, Edwin, and Rudiyanto, they were totally my new partners in organization. I haven’t know them very well, and I’m just afraid that they can’t be consistent in facing this 3 years of commitment.

It is not because I don’t believe them, but I feel worry when they are facing obstacle in the process, they can’t handle it then keep it as secret, and finally feel depressed in the end.

This is my first challenge; being a family with them, standing beside them, supporting them, and working with them as optimistic partner. Can I make it happened?


Feel free to give your feedback (:

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