It’s just a long story, guys. First time in 2008, I knew BLIA YAD Indonesia from my school friend, Nita Sofiani. She engaged me, Handy (the Vice President in period of Jessica & Rosalina), and friends to join the Independence Day and Old & New Celebration at Dharma Shanti Temple Berastagi. I found an interest when I saw how youths expressed their happiness through passion and creativity. So, I spent my time to know more about BLIA YAD from their weekly activity, called Sunday Class at Dharma Shanti Temple Medan from 9am till 11am.

I was not an active person at that time. I was afraid to talk, mostly I spoke when it was necessary. But, I started to change my habit when I was inspired by the speaker session of former presidents, Chandra Salim (Former President I), Hendry Willy Nasrun (Former President II), and Suryono (Former President III) which was the president at that time. They have their own style being a speaker, and I am totally impressed in how they talked in front of public. Suddenly, I have a crazy dream, “One day, I want to be a president like them. Talking with confidence, communicating with charisma, and inspiring with character.”

Well, time flies! I applied myself as committee in 2011 with Robin as the president. I offered myself in Activity division, and in the interview session by Venerable Light  (Supervisor of BLIA YAD Indonesia), Venerable asked me, “What do you want to reach in BLIA YAD?”. Without thinking twice, I answered, “I want to be a president one day.”

As my journey started as committee in Activity division with my best partner, Stella Yaparlin, I realized that being a president was not an easy task. I reflected myself, “If I can’t accomplish my responsibility in this division, how come I can be a president?”. So, that mindset keeps motivating me to do more than just an ordinary committee. I have to make a good track record, and I have to show the best. One day, I realized more that having achievement in BLIA YAD is not the only purpose to be the best committee. So, Venerable ever wrote to me,

“Jujurnya, kagum dan salut cara David menyelesaikan ataupun dalam menjalani tugas, selalu semangat dan berhati-hati mengorganisir. Ingat David! Jangan mudah menjadi sombong lo! Masih banyak yang perlu kita pelajari tentunya, tapi dengan langkah ‘kesadaran, disiplin, dan kecerdasanmu’ sebagai dasar ini. David pasti akan sukses besar kelak, dan harapan dan saranku, jika David berkenan menerimanya… Mendalami ajaran Buddha Dharma, mendalami theory Humanistic Buddhism, selain bisnis, melalui moral dan jati diri David yang baik, Motivator no.1 Guru Agama Buddha akan terlahir suatu hari!!!”

“To be honest, I’m impressed and salute with how David accomplish or run the tasks, always in spirit, and mindful in organize. Keep in mind, David! Don’t easily be arrogant! There are still so many things we need to learn, but in the way of ‘awareness, discipline, and your knowledge’ as the foundation. David will be success in the future, and my wish and suggestion, if David is pleased to accept it… Exploring the teaching of Buddha Dharma, exploring the theory of Humanistic Buddhism, beside business, through moral and good personality of David, a number 1 Motivator of Buddhist Teacher will born one day!!!”



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